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In Topic: American Epic

30 January 2016 - 02:36 PM

Dang!  I found out about this a day too late.  Jack White was just an hour away from me and I didn't even know it!



In Topic: early entry - how does it work?

07 August 2014 - 11:56 PM

Oh you're talking about the Vault FAQ part of the site. In order to get to the Vault home page, you'd need to click on the Tesla tower on the top left part of the page or you could click on this link: http://thirdmanstore.com/thevault/

Wow, thanks!  I feel so stupid but I had no idea you had to click on the Tesla tower.  I am now enlightened:)

In Topic: early entry - how does it work?

07 August 2014 - 11:25 PM

You'd check on the vault home page. But I'd check as often as possible because they post each show at different times. They post the entries for each show in order. So make sure you know which city he's playing in the show before yours because your show would be next.

(I hope I made sense)

So does the Vault home page currently just show "Site Basics"?  I'm still not sure if I'm looking in the right spot.  Thanks for your help.

In Topic: early entry - how does it work?

07 August 2014 - 09:52 PM

One thing to clarify-- Early entry is a Vault perk, which is why you couldn't find info on TMR's site.  You need to follow the announcements there because they will post when you can enter for the shows you are attending

I'm still confused about where and when the early entry announcement is made on the Vault.  Where and when do I check for the announcements for a particular show?

In Topic: TV Appearances

04 June 2014 - 09:17 PM

betraying both conan and colbert...... just kidding, obviously the tonight show reaches many more people than those other shows, makes sense (hope he still visits at least one of those two anyway)

I was thinking the same thing but I just discovered that Jack is scheduled to appear on Conan next Wednesday.  Wow, two television performances in one week!