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09 April 2017 - 05:46 PM

Such a shame it went downhill from there.

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08 April 2017 - 03:57 PM

Just watched Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid for the first time. Pretty much the worst Western I've ever seen. Lots of gratuitous boobs and horribly fake blood. And Dylan's part seemed as gratuitous as the boobs.  The cinematography and the soundtrack were terrific, though.

In Topic: What is BATTLE CRY ?

08 April 2017 - 07:37 AM

And here's the short film, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet--

From the Warstic website--  https://warstic.com/blogs/news/warcry


In the stillness of the game,
and the vastness of the mind,
our faith is challenged.
Our fate unclear.

Only a hunter's focus brings clear sight,
and reveals his mark.

In the end,
it’s not the weapon,
but the warrior, who conquers his fear.

A professional baseball player (Ian Kinsler) battles to get his mind right in the locker room before a big game. He struggles to find focus as the crowd noise outside the locker signals the impending war. We see inside the psyche of the hitter.

The hitter is taunted by a raven spirit, played by a dark, shadowy trickster-type figure (Jack White), who plays mind games with the hitter. He challenges his faith. Does he really believe in himself? Is he fearless? Does he have the grit to endure the war? The Raven brings thoughts of fear (represented by fire) to escalate the perceived magnitude of the game. The Raven gets the hitter hyper-focused on past struggles in a training session, where he can’t get his mechanics synced up. The hitter is shown getting frustrated to the point of screaming at his bat as the Raven flashes images of death (skull) to cloud the hitter's fate.

A hawk spirit, represented by a Southeast Woodlands Native Hunter (Thosh Collins), sets out from his campsite in search of the hitter's heart and mind. He carries the power of higher perspective and clear sight to quiet the hitter's thoughts and help the hitter locate his mark. As the hawk pursues him faster, and gets closer, the hitter regains belief. The hitter selects and inspects his weapon (bat) and his confidence increases. He rises, and walks down the dark tunnel toward the arena. At the end of the tunnel the hitter is taunted one last time by the raven. The hitter directly acknowledges the raven's existence (fear), but passes by without hesitation and steps onto the field hungry for a kill and focused on his task.

As the hitter and hunter draw their weapons, the hitter's mind is calm, and thru his steady breath the hunter spirit is called forward. Hitter and hunter are now one thought. Warrior. The game slows down for the Warrior as his focus comes to a razor sharp point. As the warrior raises his weapon (bat and arrow), the raven turns and walks away having accomplished his goal of transforming the hitter's mentality from the hunted, to the hunter. We end with a war cry by the warrior.

Ian Kinsler plays THE HITTER
Jack White plays THE RAVEN
Anthony Collins plays THE HAWK
Howard Kinsler VOICE

Creative Director Ben Jenkins
Production Companies FARM LEAGUE + FIRE THIEF
Co-Directed by Sterlin Harjo & Tim Lynch
Cinematography Giles Dunning
Producer David Burden
Editorial George Manzanilla
Costume Design Mason Gray
Writers Ben Jenkins, Nate Trosky, Jack White, Christine Edgington
Featuring Anthony Collins, Ian Kinsler, Jack White, Howard Kinsler Score / Soundtrack Jack White / Third Man Records
Shot on Location Tulsa, Oklahoma

Song Title: Battle Cry

All songs written by Jack White, Third String Tunes BMI
Jack White - Guitar/Claps/"Hey!" / Daru Jones - Drums/Percussion/Claps/"Hey!"
Jack Lawrence - Bass/Claps/"Hey!" / Joshua V Smith - Claps
Produced by Jack White III / Recorded by Joshua V Smith / Assisted by Piney Tarman Jr. Record pressed at Third Man Pressing, Detroit

“Battle Cry” Song Download & Stream Link: http://smarturl.it/jwBattleCry



Personally, I think it's a pretty cool song with some great guitar work.  And the film is interesting, though I'm glad they included the in-depth description because I'm not sure I would have gotten the Jack-as-Raven part if they hadn't explained it. The association between the warrior and athlete is fairly obvious, but they missed an opportunity to do some cool makeup/costume on Jack to play up the Trickster Raven.

In Topic: What is BATTLE CRY ?

07 April 2017 - 12:28 PM

Check out the post in the Vault, there's a very in-depth explanation about it-- http://thirdmanstore...g-battle-cry-to

In Topic: Dylan, Bob

26 March 2017 - 04:34 PM

I haven't yet sat and watched the whole thing, only bits and pieces. But I love the heck out of that performance of Idiot Wind.