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In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

15 November 2019 - 09:32 AM

Third man Thursday will be the 21st this month, so anyone looking to use that discount must only wait 4 extra days!

So far in the series:
2x jack White solo
6x raconteurs (plus bonus of Ryman aug 30 coming on a random Wednesday)
3x white stripes
Then some dead weather

The cool things is what theyve put up is from a variety of eras - nothing from the BHR era yet, but guessing if they do itll be the vault shows from that tour. Selfishly, would love any of the 3 shows I saw that tour to get released but well see!

In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

13 November 2019 - 11:18 AM

I didn't see this in here yet, apologies if it's been posted. Only 1 of the 3 but still an unexpected surprise.

Its an awesome companion piece to the album - you get the full new album performed live so different energy, different arrangements, extended jams, etc.

Plus you get 4 classics lot round it out - Carolina drama especially is awesome with how jack has now added a guitar solo to it.

In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

03 September 2019 - 12:42 PM

Any news yet on if theyre releasing the raconteurs pro audio on nugs? Know the video is still up on YouTube but just curious on it anyone knows if thats planned?

In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

30 August 2019 - 09:19 PM

Yeah, I'll probably check in at the beginning of the stream to see how much they're switching it up.  Man, there was a lot of waiting before the show began last night, though.  I don't think they got onstage until around 9:30pm CT.  It also bugged me a little, given how relatively short these sets are, how Jack went borderline silent with the guitar on more than a handful of occasions, causing the performance to go a little slack at times.  I mean, sure, the spaces between the notes matter, and it's fine to try to build anticipation for the next aggressive guitar eruption, but sometimes it just feels like stalling.
I'm not really a big fan of Together, BTW.  To me, it's got really bland lyrics and a so-so melody.  It's one amongst many reasons their debut album is far and away my least favourite of the three.  But yeah, give us more deep cuts off Consolers, or b-sides, or covers:  I'm all for that.

Theyre playing normally like 17 songs per night, thats about 90 mins of music, which is perfectly normal for jack. Hes never been a 3 hour marathon show guy, but sometimes a show will go a bit longer if the vibe is right with the crowd. Love how the racs stick to his no-no setlist philosophy and play it by ear - know the other guys in the band complained about it at times but its such fun having every night be random and different

In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

30 August 2019 - 02:03 PM

Considering the variety of formats offered, etc, I would imagine it'd take a lot of time & effort to maintain something like this and deal with all the transactions.  It'd be ideal for us fans to have it through the Vault, but doing so would require a whole build-out and possibly additional staff to maintain it.  Hard to say if the return on investment would be worth it, especially considering all the money TMR has shelled out over the last few years for things like the pressing plant.  Far easier and more economical for them to have it handled by a site that's already set up for that purpose.

Can you tell I work in retail administration...?  ;)

Much easier to contract with nugs than to host the content themselves - they would need to purchase or rent servers from a third party and would need to staff up to do it. With nugs, they handle EVERYTHING for the artist besides the recording and mixing I believe. You are right that folks should not underestimate the cost of maintaining and selling media via your own servers v letting seasoned pros do it. Excited to see what they do with it!