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#2077519 Pirating, I wish there was a way that I could flag youtube video's

Posted by d-stone on 29 May 2012 - 10:55 PM in General Jack White Solo Discussion

So, it always kinda urks me to see people just blatantly pirating music when I actually go out and buy it. I mean I get that people may like a song and want to expose their friends to it so they upload a track but an entire album that hasn't been out very long at all, now thats uncalled for. So, anyways I found someone posting BLUNDERBUSS in its Entirety track by track on youtube. Someone might want to do something about it since it is serious copy right infringement. So, here it is

#2077517 May 24, 2012 - DETROIT, MI (matinee show @ Scottish Rite Theatre)

Posted by d-stone on 29 May 2012 - 10:43 PM in Tour Talk


I totally got one of these poster from the show. I couldn't pass it up considering there were only enough for 10 percent of the people in attendance to obtain one. the Eagle is perched on a record player tone arm people. I some how thought the top hat was a masonic reference considering masons are known for their tuxedo's and the fact that the Worshipful Master wears a top hat inside the lodge and is the only person aloud to wear a top hat inside the a masonic temple. Personally, I loved the show. I was noting after the show what type of Microphones they were using to mic the amps and what not. I noticed lots of sennheiser 609's on amps, a electro voice Re320, a Blue snow ball mic, a Blue Bluebird and some Nuemann condenser mics on amps. I personally was racking my brain trying to figure out what the 3 guitar amps he was using were. they were all three identical and I would love to know the brand. But all in all, the show was sic! just amazing. could have been longer but It work out perfect for me since I am unemployed and I spent money that I shouldn't have to go see the show and I was home before 5pm and no one had any clue I went to a concert.

#2077513 Jack White show in Detroit 2pm Huge let down

Posted by d-stone on 29 May 2012 - 10:14 PM in Tour Talk

Oh, wow! Now most people who weren't going to the second show were a little disappointed that the show was so short, like an hour and fifteen minutes. But it was hotter then crap in that place and there was another show booked at 7:30pm when that one ended at like 4:15ish. I personally wish I was one of the people who had tickets to the second show. But I didn't even think I had a chance to go to the show till I woke up and read the newspaper at 10am which told about the seats that were released during the night for the 2pm show. I was super excited. I had $200 that I was just sitting on and I took off to walmart to buy a ticket. I got one of the last 30 tickets left and I was in row U seat 30 and I had a blast at the show. My only real disappointments were they didn't perform "shaking and jumping", I didn't have one of those super sweet hologram tickets and I wasn't going to the second show. I kinda feel like only getting to see one of the bands is like only getting to see half of a concert or half a performance. I dont know. But I felt lucky to even be able to go see the show anyways. Still I thought the show was awesome, a little short but awesome. I personal thought maybe jack had a problem with the heat in the room cause he did say something on the mic when he came on for the encore like "wow, its hot in here". But all in all, I had a blast at the show and I thought It was a awesome show. I Loved it being in that venue cause prior to this concert in the scottish rite cathedral, I had only witnessed installations of officers their. I got nothing but love for anyone showing the Detroit masonic temple love. I practically grew up in that place as a Demolay. Still, I thought the show was great even if it was short. Most people I met at the show didn't care because they were just happy to be there and most of them had tickets to the second show as well. I personally wish if Jack is going to play a venue like the masonic he use the bigger theater across the hall or if he is going to keep it small just do it up in the crystal or the fountain ballroom (cause I dont think anyone ever has). crap, maybe he should be the first artist to play ever possible big room in that building. Ok, enough ramblings from me, But I do have it on my agenda to at some point this summer get to see the girl band as well. Unless it comes down to going somewhere to see the Pixies or going somewhere to see Jack White again. Cause if they were at the same time, im going to see the pixies cause I have never seen them live. But, all in all ericschwabauer, you need to get over and realize you got to see one of the greatest guitar players and musicians of our time rock out in a venue that only seats a capacity of 1,500 people and count yourself as one of the lucky ones. I personally, couldn't pass up that super sweet concert poster from that show considering the sweet three headed bald eagle with the top hat on and the fact that only 1 person out of every ten in attendance at that show would walk away with one of those poster cause there were only 150 of em. I got it framed that evening. But anyways dude, the show was awesome I dont know what you are talking about.