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Listal - a social media cataloguing site

13 June 2006 - 01:52 PM

Hi all,

like many of you I'm always consuming a bunch of stuff - consuming not in buy mass produced crap, but rather have several books on the go, and have a list of movies, albums and art etc. that I want to get into.  I'm having trouble keeping track of everything - between amazon and netflicks and last.fm and God knows what else.

so I'm trying Listal to kind of keep track of everything on one site - it similar to All Consuming, though IMHO a bit easier to deal with.  If anyone wants to join the Little Room group I set up on Listal, feel free...  Part of what I love about the LR is that we explore all these bands and movies and whatnot - now I think I've found a site to keep track of all these recommendations.  It won't replace any site (like last.fm - nothing could!) but it might be useful to some folks.  Ok, and yes, I'm addicted to social networking and web 2.0 related sites too :)

anyway, sorry if this sounds like spam - it's not! I'm not affiliated with the site.  I just like sharing good sites I come across :)

Meerkat Manor

10 June 2006 - 02:09 AM

You must watch Meerkat Manor on the Animal Planet Fridays at 8.  Strangely compelling.

Just look at them  (not as cool as the monkeys thread, but still - soooo cute!)

Posted Image

oxytocin over dose!  and on the animal planet site here you can play an interactive 'guide a meerkat thru' a maze game'!  They would be perfect pets except for the whole eating beetles things!

"Starting Friday June 9, you can get an intimate glimpse of some personality-packed meerkats as they face the challenges of life in Africa's Kalahari Desert.

In the Animal Planet's new 13-part television series, 'Meerkat Manor', you can follow the 'ups' and 'downs' of family life of a group of meerkats.

In the series, you'll meet members of the Whiskers family which includes the headstrong Flower and the protective Zaphod. From rivalries to acts of heroism, 'Meerkat Manor' captures the amazing scenes collected during a 10-years study conducted by Cambridge University."