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First Aid kit 7"

06 February 2011 - 03:06 PM

I just went to order this, and checked my order history, realised i ordered it already on the 18th, so it should be here soon.
who else ordered this? what do you think of it?

in the meantime i am listening to the B side on youtube, I love it

(I also listened to the Karen Dalton version and I love that too)

Um , hi i'm new too

04 May 2009 - 11:07 AM

Hi, I'm cherie,
dont know what to write.......Ill try
my insomnia is kicked in again so i might me on this a bit, or i might win the fight with sleep for another round...(hehe)
okay so i live in Australia but spent most of the 00's in canada, you know went backpacking,had fun, found love, forgot to go home, got married, got homesick, oops! got daughter, lost self, got sad, Oops! got son, relationship bad, lost love, broke up, came home, found self, woke up+ got happy
re-discovered white stripes, relating to it? i liked the songs before, the ones i'd heard on the radio and also the ones my ex downloaded,but never got right into it or anything.
  obsessed this week and not sleeping
I am the non musician in a family where most can play by ear, never did finish learning to play guitar and my drum teacher joined a band, but i still love music to spite my lack of ability, and like someone else said, reminds me of family members jamming at parties when i was a kid
Oh and I love red