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In Topic: Jack working on 3rd solo album

01 August 2017 - 04:25 AM


In Topic: American Epic

02 June 2017 - 01:34 AM

TMR has posted all three episodes in the Vault, and you can also watch them at PBS.org- http://www.pbs.org/s...-epic/episodes/   


And, yeah, it is sad. There are things going on, but if no one who's still here is interested and no one's going to talk about them, why bother posting?


Thanks for the link. 


You are right,  this forum is going south. I believe the explosion of the social media platforms (Instagram, fb, twitter) are the ones at fault for no one bothering the check an online forum anymore.

In Topic: American Epic

01 June 2017 - 01:37 AM

So, I guess no one here has been watching this?


I have watched the first episode. Are there anywhere links to watch online the other 2? Cant seem to find them.


This forum is must be preety dead, since we have new Jack White stuff and no one talks about it :( <- sad face

In Topic: What is BATTLE CRY ?

07 April 2017 - 05:34 AM

Lets us make a few assumptions just for fun:


1. Do you think this is a tease for a new album?


2. There is this rumour that Jack might be the secret buyer of the "Dark Side of The Moon" recording console. Do you think this was recorded on this? http://www.factmag.c...d-auction-1-8m/

3. What do you reckon about the meaning of the cover?





In Topic: Third Man Pressing record pressing plant

16 March 2017 - 08:40 AM

Thanks Matt