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Tono & The Finance Company / planning US shows.

02 April 2012 - 09:27 AM

Ok, I have a very talented friend called Tono and he makes music that sounds a little bit like this:


I hate trying to describe music, but i suppose it falls into the very specific indie pop genre with a decent hint of kiwi dry humour .

Anyway. he is keen a head over to the states to test the waters. Extremely early days yet. no plans have been made and he doesn't seem to have any pre conceived notions of what he wants to get out of it, he just wants to go and see what happens.

I guess my question is...anyone got any leads? people he could make friends with or just suggestions of places he should play?


13 December 2007 - 09:23 PM

I stumbled across this pre school kids show a couple of days ago...and im in love with it...great chracters, simple and beautiful over all design...and you get the warm and fuzzies.

oh and its narrated by Stephan Fry.

blog: http://pocoyo.blogs.com/

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Your Film Thread!

22 August 2007 - 07:51 AM

About time theres a thread for any shorts or animations that have been made by fellow Little Roomers...(unless there is one...)

Been studying Film as part of my design degree for a while now, and im in love...i love everything about it. the best part is we get to use the equipment and take it out whenever we want. Me and a few mates were lucky enough to do film as an elective (a 3 week break which you do one short corse) which was before we did it as part of out core subjects which pretty much means we are a semester ahead. So far we have done 6 90 second films and are about to do 4, 5 min docos. However we thought we would try something a little bigger.
This is one track off a live studio recording we filmed 2 weeks back with 20 g of equipment that we didnt pay a cent for (to much faith in us). We had four cameras and about 6 hours of footage for 3 songs, all of which I edited by myself in 16 hours over two days.....16 hours of hell for 14 min...of ...well something. Before they release it , i need to change a few things. but im bloody proud of it...

alot of the camera work is a bit shakey and out of focus in a few shots...but its amazing what you can get away with when your filming a band. ;) ...oh we just learnt ow to do lighting today...so considering this was 2 weeks ago...not too bad for me just making it up...:P

anyway....ive shared something...now its your turn.


25 August 2004 - 07:20 PM

Howdy from NEW ZEALAND

My name is Daniel (obviosly) and iv jst come across this site ,and with me being a huge fan of Jack and Meg ,how could i not join.Although i do wish this had happend earlier as i have missed my chance to ask Jack some questions. :cry: never mind anyway as soon as i have gt a scanner ill post some pictures iv drawn of the WS.