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Have you ever written a novel?

16 May 2005 - 11:47 AM

If so share your stories with the rest of the forum and tell us what they are about!

I'm thinking of writing one, for a laugh basically. Plus its as close as I'll ever get to making a film. It's going to have a Lost In Translation vibe  ;)

PJ Harvey

12 May 2005 - 05:07 PM

Anyone a fan of hers?

She's musics unknown little gem in my opinion, a brilliant songwriter and superb songs but she never gets the praise and acclaim she deserves. But I like that it like that. For those who do not know of her, perhaps the best way to describe her is that shes the female version of Radiohead. Very experimental, but she also written a couple of fine singalong pop tunes as well. She's very diverse

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea is probably my favourite album of hers, though her last album was awesome too. Can't fault any of her stuff though - if you don't have anything by her, buy her back catalogue, if you have her stuff then tell everyone else how great she is!!  :)  ;)

On a rooftop in Brooklyn
At one in the morning
Watching the lights flash
In Manhattan
I see five bridges
The empire state building
And you said something
That I've never forgotten
We lean against railings
Describing the colours
And the smells of our homelands
Acting like lovers

The Little Room's top 10 films of all time

12 April 2005 - 05:46 AM

If this thread becomes popular enough, perhaps points can be awarded to each vote. E.g - no.1 gets 10 points, no.10 gets 1 point and so on...

Then we can a draw up a final list. This is a good way to find out about great films that you may have never had chance to see or even never heard of before

Just to clear up, this is your personal top 10 favourites which touch you inside or may remind you of something special in your life, and not what you think the actual best could be in terms of special effects etc

Here's mine. This was tough...

1. Fight Club
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. The Truman Show
4. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
5. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
6. Se7en
7. Lost In Translation
8. Amelie
9. Before Sunset
10. Garden State

I'll give this about 10 days and see how it goes

Star Wars Episode III

11 April 2005 - 10:13 AM

I'll be watching this for sure but I'm not the biggest fan of the last 2 so when I stumbled across the plot I read it, and it sounds pretty good. The bit in bold sounds great


The plot for episode Three, Revenge of the Sit", is now known. The movie starts with out with a big space battle over Coruscant as the separatists attack with their space fleet. Count Dooku taking Chancellor Palpatine "captive" (remember, Dooku was really working for Palpatine). Anakin and Obi Wan fly starfighters into Dooku's ship and fight battle droids to get to the Chancellor. After several battles with the robots, the ship explodes in half (!) due to a fuel leak, and Anakin fights Count Dooku while Obi Wan fights General Greivious (Grievious), an alien/robot cyborg with four arms and four lightsabers. Anakin cuts off Count Dooku's head but Genereal Greivious gets away.

After the rescue, Anakin gets flack from the Jedi for not taking Dooku alive. Palpatine stokes his irritation and says he's not appreciated. He makes Anakin Palpatine's personal bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Obi Wan goes off to fight General Grievous on a planet of sinkholes. He sees Grievous talking on holoTV to Darth Sidious and realizes that the Chancellor is Darth Sidious. He fights Grevious and kills him/it. He then radios home what he finds out.

Samuel L. Jacksenobi and several Jedi go to kill the Chancellor. But Palpatine kills Jacksenobi's assistants using the force. Anakin pretends to help Jacksenobi but then actually stabs him in the back. Palpatine reveals his true identity to Anakin and offers him a job as assistant dictator. He sends Anakin off to Yavin with some clonetroopers to kill all the Jedi there, which he does.

The clones turn against the Jedi and start killing them. Most are killed but Wookies, including Chewbacca, who is barely toilet trained at this point, help Yoda escape his clone trooper assassins and there is a scene where Yoda fights off a hundred clonetroopers using the force. He also at one point uses the Jedi mind trick to convince the clonetroopers that he is a harmless cackling muppet.

Yoda goes to Yavin to research how to make yourself glow in the dark after you have been killed. He later tells Obi Wan how to do this as well. The Emperor confronts him there and there is a fierce battle. Yoda scars the Emerpror's face and gives him bad teeth and gums, but the Emperor kicks his ass and Yoda is forced to run away. He finds a vacation brochure for Dagobah which he suddenly finds quite alluring.

Obi Wan goes to Padme, who is pregnant with twins. He feels her belly and she smiles flirtatiously at him. He squeezes her boobs, and she slyly starts to remove her top. Obi Wan eases her into her bed and makes passionate love to her, using his force attuned senses to make sure he doesn't poke Luke or Leia's eyes out while making love to Padme. Later, while they are lying in bed smoking cigarettes, they learn that Anakin has gone off to the planet Mustafar to kill the remaining bad-Chinese-accented fish alien separatist leaders. Obi Wan goes there and Anakin is very angry that Padme led him there. He smacks her upside the head using the force. Then Obi Wan and Anakin fight around a volcano. Anakin gets his good arm, his legs, and his testacles cut off. Then he falls in the volcano. The Emperor arrives and fishes him out, but he is badly burned and has asthma, so the Emperor gives him black body armor and calls him Darth Vader.

Padme, injured from being smacked around by Anakin, is mistakenly put in the care of a medical droid which is actually an abortion droid. But just as the abortion droid hums, extends its suction probe, and starts to spread her legs, she disgorges her slick fetuses, Luke and Leia, before she expires. Obi Wan gives Leia to a kind Alderaanian Puerto Rican family led by Jimmy Smits, and, incredibly, gives Luke to the family of Anakin's mother on Tattooine, not even bothering to change Luke's last name from Skywalker to something else. He figures that someone with the last name of Skywalker on Tattooine will be very, very well hidden.

The movie ends with Darth, the Emperor, and a young Moff Tarkin (with fewer blue and red candies on his uniform) on the bridge of a Star Destroyer watching the ongoing construction of the first Death Star.

Another newbie

11 April 2005 - 07:30 AM

Hello all. Looks like a pretty good forum. I had to change the board skin to default though, the red and black was hurting my eyes! How busy does this place get?