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4.13 Did the Gap offer them a million dollars?

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Posted 06 January 2005 - 09:06 PM

Jack: "No. It wasn't a million dollars, but we did turn down a Gap ad. I think a couple of them. There were so many insane offers like that. There still are, as you can imagine. I'm sure that any band that gets that kind of attention, that kind of buzz, gets stupid offers from people trying to leech off them. The Gap wanted us to be in a commercial and we said 'no' and everyone said, 'why not'? It's almost as if, if people are willing to give you that much money, you are insulting everyone you know by turning it down. People's opinions about selling out seem to have changed over the years." "There's been tons of things: beer commercials, video-game scores and movie soundtracks-it just never stopped. It starts to get really weird when these money amounts, they start adding up in your brain, you're like, 'This is disgusting.' I mean, I can't believe these corporations are like, 'O.K., what's the hip new band? Yeah, White Stripes, let's get them on the commercial. Give 'em a million dollars.'"

Jack: "I starts to bother you when you get so many offers and so much money is thrown at you from these generic companies who don't care about spending half a million dollars on this or that. When it all starts piling up, you start thinking, "Man, I might really want that money 50 years from now." We were never against it, and a lot of popular opinion nowadays has changed about those kinds of things. We still haven't done anything like a commercial, but I'm not really against it."

Sidenote: The bands manager Arthur can be seen ripping into Jack and Meg for refusing to accept the money and go ahead with the commercial on the Dead Leaves single DVD. It is quite riveting and I think Arthur may just have a point. Arthur is a brilliant man, people really need to listen to his advice more often. There would be alot less dandruff and last minute packing in the world if we did.

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