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In Topic: June 26, 2019: Amoeba Records, Hollywood, CA

Today, 03:57 AM

Looks like there were a few people in that record shop--  https://theraconteur...ngeles-06262019


In Topic: New album, HELP US STRANGER

Yesterday, 01:26 PM

Those CDs are not coming from Third Man, they're coming from a third party connected to the ticket broker.  And we all know ticket brokers these days don't give a rat's ass about us. 

In Topic: June 24, 2019: iHeart Radio Theater, NYC

Yesterday, 06:57 AM

Yay!  I missed this the other night, so thank you for finding it.

In Topic: June 22, 2019: Generation Records, NYC

Yesterday, 06:38 AM

I love that Mick Collins was there for their in-store appearance :)

In Topic: New album, HELP US STRANGER

25 June 2019 - 08:59 PM

Jack did a track-by-track playlist of the album for Pandora, then Pandora pissed me off by allowing me to download it onto my phone but not onto my PC so I recorded Jack's spoken bits. It's 30 seconds or less for each song, but some good stuff.  Here, enjoy, link is good until July 3rd but I'm happy to upload again for anyone who wants it--  https://we.tl/t-UXTKk7Wupf

Fuck cell phone culture.