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In Topic: Blunderbusted and Thumptified

26 July 2012 - 01:31 PM

Thanks!  Yes, I frequently second - guess.  I have ooodles and ooooodles of poetry, half written scripts, screenplays, short stories... and my inner critic and my demonic inner A.D.D. child seem to make sure that if I do actually finish something, it very rarely sees the light of day.  The process goes from "Wow, what an amazingly great line/idea/phrase/passage/whatever!", to, "ooohhhhh, look over there, somethin' shiny!" in a matter of, like, one day.  And as I'm trying to recreate that shiny thing, another shiny thing happens on by.  Perhaps I should become a collector of shiny things..... but once I collect, they tend to stop shining.  Oh, the mysterious glittering metaphorical alloys of our fantastical universe....