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Vault Package 30

26 September 2016 - 12:52 AM

What could it be!?!?

So if we assume they've basically done an acoustic tie in with 28 we have no real obvious picks.

Another Gold Dollar - it's basically confirmed these will keep coming for a while.

A proper Dead Weather concert - Still don't really have one

A BBS Package of live concert with out takes - we've had a tenth anniversary package for the last 3 years and it amazing how undocumented this period is.

Something unearthed while compiling the acoustic lp?

Vault Package At 21

16 June 2014 - 08:13 PM

Quadruple LP of every live version of Freedom At 21.
Double sided 7" of Freedom at 21 with one side 45 RPM and the other 78 RPM.

Temporary tattoo with the lyrics of Freedom At 21 to cover ones back...


Okay but seriously what do we all expect?

For my money there hasn't been a great Vault package since 16 so I really want something good. Assuming there isn't an LPs worth of demos laying around I'll just say that most of all I want a live album of any Jack band other than The Raconteurs (maybe 2006 if it's particularly exciting).


I assume they'll finally chuck another Dead Weather 7" in there and maybe round it out with a full DW live album, at least I hope so.


Otherwise you can dig up and old White Stripes show and I'll be surprised if we see any complaints. Although they've done 2003 recently, 2007 has been released endlessly, I assume 2005 will be next year for some kind of GBMS anniversary collection, so maybe we'll get a cool WBC era show when they were just blowing up. I dunno I'd be happy with anything honestly even if it covers old ground. The Stripes never really played the same show twice.


A solo Jack White show that's NOT a Live at Third Man album would be cool. Maybe something from this tour (that one that was really crazy, I think at the Mayan?) or a show from the tail end of the Blunderbuss tour. I doubt it would be the latter but who knows?

I mean it could be the Black Belles live at third man but you know... a boy can dream.

Jack White Live Soundboard Collection

28 April 2014 - 02:17 AM

Haven't been posting much in a while but it seems we have quite a few members, with the dime ban, the lack of a dedicated Jack White archive has meant that a lot of these shows aren't left in circulation. So in honour of Lazaretto I thought I'd share my collection of Jack White concerts. All are broadcasts of some kind (either web or FM) and they're all reasonably good quality.


I cannot take credit for all these captures or the album artwork. I've unfortunately lost a lot of that information so thank you to everyone who originally uploaded this material.


2012/04/20 - Concert Prive (151kbps) (Both Bands)

Very nice clear recording in a sort of half-studio environment. Particularly great for the softer songs.


2012/04/27 - Webster Hall (Amex Unstaged) (256 kpbs) (Both Bands)

One of the first pro-recordings to surface in 2012, and sort of an introduction to the two bands for a lot of people. The sounds is good (it was remastered by someone) but unfortunately there's a bit of crackle on the bass in the second half. Nothing really exciting but a very good starting point for a casual fan.


2012/06/26 - Berlin [Version 1] (256 kbps) (The Buzzards)

This is my capture of the first Berlin broadcast which cuts out a song or two. Probably my favourite recording of the tour with nice separation of instruments. Also great because it's all Buzzards and not a festival show. Lot of Blunderbuss stuff as well.


2012/06/26 - Berlin [Version 2] (320 kbps) (The Buzzards)

Someone else's capture of a second broadcast of the same show with the proper order of songs and the addition of an awesome Nitro. Unfortunately I find it a bit bass heavy so I'd recommend completionists get both and casual listeners downloading the first one.


2012/07/05 - Lollapalooza (224 kbps) (Both Bands)

Very good sound if a bit tinny so I'd recommend boosting the bass a bit. A couple of good rarities and a very generous length. The buzzards are great at the beginning (Wasting My Time, John The Revelator, Nitro, PSA etc. are all cool).


2012/07/27 - Splendour In The Grass (224 kbps) (Both Bands)

Very nice FM broadcast of a typical festival show. Very populist set list but a surprisingly impassioned performance. Great "sampler" for casual listeners.


2012/09/08 - iTunes Festival (320 kbps) (Both Bands)

Good sound although a bit messy at times (the "breakdowns" can kind of become white noise at times).  Great opening Black Math and a particularly good Two Against One. I also think this one of the better Peacocks performances.


2012/10/28 - Voodoo Music Experience (192 kbps) (The Buzzards)

My favourite show of the tour hands down. Great variety of set list with quite a few rarities and it's essential just to hear how comfortable Jack got with the Buzzards. Recording didn't have that much punch but I gave it a little remaster and it's quite listenable now.

Enjoy all of it here.



2012/10/28 - New Orleans: "Voodoo Halloween Remaster" Download

27 March 2013 - 10:47 PM

I think one of my favourite performances from Jack's solo tour is the Buzzard's set from the Voodoo fest in New Orleans unfortunately the original webcast featured the most piss weak audio I'v ever heard. It sounded like it was coming out of iPhone speakers. I gave it the best listen I could and then just let it gather figurative dust on my hard drive. Recently when I was going through my bootlegs I gave it another listen and realised that there was a decent amount of clarity there, it just needed a slight tweaking. So this is simply the same recording given an amplification and bass boost. It is far from audiophile quality and because of the inherent limitations of the source it will never be an A grade recording. However I think it's listenable now and perfectly fine for a jog with the iPod or for putting on in the car.


If you haven't heard this before, this is one of the most interesting festival performances. There are a lot of rarities as well as the Buzzard's performing songs usually done by the peacocks. I hope you enjoy.


MP3 192kbps


1. Sixteen Saltines

2. Missing Pieces

3. Cannon/Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground

4. Love Interruption

5. Top Yourself

6. I Cut Like A Buffalo

7. Trash Tongue Talker

8. Same Boy You've Always Known

9. Blunderbuss

10. Fell In Love With A Girl

11. Steady As She Goes

12. Slowly Turning Into You

13. Another Way To Die/Blue Blood Blues/Misirlou

14. Ball & Biscuit

15. Freedom At 21

16. Hello Operator

17. Catch Hell Blues

18. Seven Nation Army





Did anyone else clock out when he went solo?

01 July 2012 - 10:42 PM

Just like about any other artist Jack White loses fans as often as he gains them. There were people who got out as soon as the White Stripes hit big, those who lost interest after the Elephant craze died down, the Raconteurs drove some people away as did the Dead Weather and I was wondering if anyone else has sort of lost interest since Jack White entered his solo phase.

Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with some silly loyalty to previous bands or any irrational hatred for the idea of him going solo. And I don't hate anything and if you like his current work more power to you.

I just feel that Jack is way less subversive than he once was. I mean he's always played pretty straight up rock n roll that wasnt necessarily innovative but he played with such force and conviction that it always sounded fish and engaging. Each album seemed to be completely the opposite of what people expected and in a way he always seemed a bit dangerous.

But with the both Blunderbuss and the recent tour he's done is what I always wished he'd done. And that turned out to be a problem. I had really high expectations for what Blunderbuss and it's tour would be and they were pretty much met in exactly the way I hoped but this meant there was less to keep coming back to. He feels like a bit of a crowd pleaser lately and while I went into everything with an open mind I've sort of lost interest. Blunderbuss is a really fantastic record that I dug when I first heard it but it doesn't really reveal anything to me upon further playing. Without that sense of danger I've sort of stopped being a hardcore Jack White fan.

Anyone else?