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In Topic: TMR to post live shows from Jack's bands on Nugs.net

20 September 2019 - 07:50 PM

It may be a weird choice but I think this may be my favourite Stripes show. It may not be the most representative of who they were but it gets the most spins. As Ben point out in that wonderful essay its like theyre still redefining what the band can be.

Exclusivity be damned, its great these are available to the whole world. And I dont have the same kind of access to my record player I once did so having these on my iPhone is actually really good.

In Topic: New album, HELP US STRANGER

17 May 2019 - 07:39 PM

I thought Help Me Stranger was the weakest song live but hearing it now I get why this was the next single. Really good pop number that doesnt sound like a lost Jack White song or Brendan Benson song. Its got its own thing going. Its nice to see that theyve found a way to progress from Consolers without just going bigger.

In Topic: April 20, 2019: Big Top, Sydney, Australia

20 April 2019 - 06:12 PM

I was one away from the rail so I had an amazing view. The crowd was a bit flat but okay - I just think maybe 20% were actual Racs fans and the rest were there because Jack was in town... and thats totally fine.

Its hard to say much about the guitars because the live mix makes such a big difference and I dont really have a comparison to the triple jet etc. but I thought they sounded fantastic (nothing looks as cool as the triple jet though). The new Tele sounded so much better than the blue one he was playing in 2012 and the Flying V gave some extra oomph where needed. The new half acoustic Tele was quite trebly but worked well and Jack was adjusting his play style for the sound. It sat high in the mix compared to recordings Ive heard with Claudette.

Forget to mention that the new Tele has some kind of tremolo in the strap where if he physically bends the guitar it bends the note. He showed this off before a song and it was very cute and tied into one of my bigger thoughts - Jack has just mellowed out big time: hes non stop smiling, showing off, playing to the crowd. So the absence of Blue Veins was a shame but I also wonder if he just isnt in that place for it mood wise.

Oh and I should mention that I have now seen all four of Jacks projects! Thirteen years and Ive done it. It is crazy to think that I was 12 when I saw the white stripes and am still here at 25...

In Topic: April 20, 2019: Big Top, Sydney, Australia

20 April 2019 - 08:08 AM

Okay... so... you know the drill... Jack only comes to Australia once in a blue moon and weve been waiting TEN years for this fucking gig so asking how it was is kind of like asking how the dinner you booked for your 20th wedding anniversary was. Of course it was good and unlike the lucky ones among us we dont have the luxury of other shows to compare it to.

Now this is the first time Ive seen The Saboteurs live but Ive probably watched/listened to more live material from them than any other band in the world so I feel like I can make a few general points.

- the band sound a lot leaner than 2008/2011 when they were in full Consolers bombast mode. I think this is ultimately a good thing and generally a lot better sound all round.
- Easily the happiest Ive ever seen Jack
- Jacks voice was in probably the best technical shape Ive heard it in concert
- the triple jet and Claudette were there but barely ever played. Hes really into those new Teles.

A few highlights:
- the sound cut out during Help Me Stranger and the band were just heard through the foldback which was oddly endearing
- Live a Lie (I think that was it) was quite beautiful and had a really nice sing a long
- Bored and Razed is the biggest barnstormer of the new album
- I was a bit puzzled as to why they were bringing You Dont Understand Me back live when it didnt even make the cut in 2011 but holy hell did it go off
- Great Saulte with a little bit of extended jamming from Jack
- Top yourself is back!!! And heres the weirdest part - its using the arrangement from the Vault 4 demo so technically this was the deepest cut of the night
- no blue veins again!?!?!?
- thoughts and prayers is shaping up to be a standout
- Pretty sure we were gonna get another BBS but I got a little Carolina Drama chant happening and thats how they closed the night.

Set list to the best of my memory

Bored and Razed
Old Enough
Help Me Stranger
You Dont Understand Me
3 new songs Im not sure of
Top Yourself
Sunday Driver
Steady As She Goes

Hey Gyp
Now That Youre Gone
Thoughts And Prayers
Carolina Drama

In Topic: June 1, 2018: Governor's Ball Festival, New York

15 July 2018 - 06:48 AM


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