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15 June 2014 - 09:46 AM

Jack White to play Red Rocks August 20th! Yes Denver! the moment we've all been waiting for!


My dream (besides getting early entry) is that they break for a bit in the middle and do a little bit of that 4-piece Conan/ 'Unplugged' action.


Will the RRS road trip on out here? Will we get a bshow? Will he break all barriers and play 33 songs?



Third Man Records in WHOLE FOODS

29 January 2014 - 10:42 AM

Third Man Records has decided they will now vend their wares in Whole Foods. Talk amongst yourselves.

Hanni El Khatib

28 September 2013 - 09:50 AM

If you haven't checked him out yet, you should. Amazing guitar player, a wide variety of material and pretty easy on the eyes to boot. Based out of L.A., his first album came out in 2011 (Will the Guns Come Out). Head in the Dirt- produced by Dan Auerbach- came out this year. I discovered him through some friends, was finally able to see him live this past week- SO impressed.


Thoughts on The New Vault

13 July 2013 - 10:12 AM

I know there is a thread (or several) pertaining to the new Vault hosted through Third Man Record so in starting this one, I'm mainly curious as to what everyone thinks of the new Vault. Is the new Vault something you will utilize more now? Less? Do you think the updates are more informative? Do you ever go in chat?

Personally I'm finding that, much like the old Vault, I just don't utilize it very often. True, I do find their news updates helpful, but I'm often directed to them through others as I just can't seem to remember to check there regularly. Whether that's because I was so conditioned to avoid the old modlife site, I do the same with the new Vault site, I'm not sure. I do like the layout of the new Vault. I miss the sections for each band, but as there were rarely updates to any of them, I guess there's not that much to miss. I like that chat reads more logically, although when I go to read transcripts I still start reading from the bottom up. And unfortunately certain aspects of chat remain exactly the same, so that was a bit of a disappointment. Oh well, oh well. I am really looking forward to the launch of the novelties lounge... although my pocketbook is not.

So yeah, that was mainly it. Perhaps not 'new thread' worthy, but there ya go.

RSD 2013 @ TMR!

22 February 2013 - 01:21 PM

It is time for this.  We all know Jack has been named the 2013 Record Store Day Ambassador.  No word yet as to how that will factor into Third Man's RSD plans, or even if it will, but for all of you excited to be going, let's post about it here.  Also, if you are on FB, I've started a closed group- RSD 2013 @ TMR- search for it if you are interested or send me a message & I'll add you.  I look forward to seeing all of you who are going there! I hope TMR blows our minds!