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04. Moshing At Concerts

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#1 The Crawling KingSnake

The Crawling KingSnake


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Posted 03 July 2004 - 01:18 PM

Question submitted by: Eric620

I was at the November Roseland show in NY - the second night - when you
really let those "frat boys" have it for moshing and crowd surfing on us
head-bobbin'-and-dancin' happy folks. Do you think there is anything that
can be done in the future to stop these idiots from distrupting our good time
at the shows? Or should we just stop caring and keep on boogey-ing?

#2 Jack White

Jack White

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Posted 03 July 2004 - 05:22 PM

that's an old question that sort of has no answer! i remember that show, and it was pretty disgusting, the ones who were jumping obviously could have cared less what we were playing, i think they did that during wer'e going to be friends or something as well, and meg was getting mad about it as well. i warned them first because some girls were getting crushed against the rail. it was terrible. well, they finally stopped, and the whole crowd was aware of it based on their reaction to me making a point about it. but here's some other thoughts to consider,
we warmed up for the rolling stones a while back, and it was in an arena and every seat was sectioned off, and it was quite "polite" you know? it was a far cry from the "rock n' roll" atmosphere that i'm sure thier seventies concerts had. but most of the fans now aren't really into that, they just want to see a nice show and not be bothered. well, i'm not a big arena fan myself, and when things feel "plastic" like that it can also get boring like there's no feeling in the room. i was at a fugazi concert about ten years ago or something and one of the members told the crowd to push the surfers backwards instead of forwards! i thought that was interesting. but in the end i don't think there's an answer. but one things for certain. NOONE deserves to get pushed, or crushed against a barrier, or knocked down, or stepped on just because they want to see a band play a show.


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