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who you've seen live/favorite?

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#21 twitch


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Posted 02 February 2010 - 12:40 PM

Mayyors, Lightning Bolt, Reatard, Okmoniks, Nobunny, Masshysteri, Lover, Psychedelic Horseshit, Thomas Function, Wax Museums countless times, Bad Sports, Hex Dispensers, Hunx, Terrible Twos, FNU Ronnies, The Weakends, Smith Westerns, Black Lips, Box Elders, Tokyo Electron, Charlie And The Moonhearts, Ty Segall 1 Man, Thee Ohsees/Ohsees/OCS, Yikes, Acid Mothers Temple, Marked Men, Silver Shampoo, Human Eye, Personal And The Pizzas, King Tuff, Lil Daggers, Yuppies, Red Mass, Demon's Claws, Chocolat, The Intelligence, Cheap Time, Dutches and The Duke, Fe Fi Fo Fumz, Hipshakes, Paul Collins Beat, Beat Beat Beat, CPC Gangbangs, The Shitty Beach Boys, King Khan And BBQ, Mark Sultan, and a few others i cant really think of right now.

I'm jealous of your Okmoniks and Terrible Twos shows...and the Intelligence but I had the chance to see them and didn't so that's my fault.

I got a long list of bands I can't even begin to think of a list...

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 01:06 PM

i have a terrible memory. i forget that i've seen bands all the time. i was looking through some old photos and saw quite a few bands that i don't even remember much about. and there are a few bands that i've seen so many times i have lost count. in the last few years we've really stopped going to gigs much. it's just too much with living where we live in brooklyn (no gigs there) and then school and all. plus joe is cranky about waiting in lines for big shows or paying for shows in general, so unless we know the band and have been invited, we rarely get out to a show. we're hoping to change this when we move into manhattan this summer. it will be a lot easier on us.

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 05:52 PM

I only go to shows that take place in a building, I hate the outdoors.

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 07:22 PM

if this exists already i can't find it on the searcher....

curious to see who people enjoyed seeing live the most and why.

so i guess lets hear every show you've attended and wich was best and why...

can't wait to hear!

You asked for it! :lol: (Kidding! This isn't every show I've attended. I can't remember them all! :ph34r:)

Every single band on the following list was fucking awesome and I would have a hard time picking a favorite of all time. I had so much fun at all these shows. They all have their place in my history and I just can't pick one.

1. The White Stripes (6x)- Do I need to have a reason?
2. The King Khan & BBQ Show (6x)- So much fun it shouldn't be legal.
3. Blanche (5x)- Beautiful, creepy, heart wrenching music.
4. Dex Romweber Duo - LEGEND. I'm seeing them again on the 8th!
5. Sleater Kinney (2x) - For anyone that says girls can't rock, you obviously never saw S-K play.
6. Gossip (3x) - Fun! And for some reason every time I saw them Beth Ditto was having a hair related malfunction. WTF?!
7. M. Ward (2x) - Amazing musician.
8. Neko Case (4x) - My wife. Gorgeous, gorgeous voice.
9. Gillian Welch - My second wife. See above.
10. Old Crow Medicine Show (4x) - Coked up dance your ass off bluegrass-y stuff.
11. The Raconteurs - really good live. Best rhythm section everrrr!
12. Dead Weather (2x) - I was impressed with their sound and charisma. I know some won't agree though.
13. Black Lips - What can I say about this band that Kevin hasn't said already?
14. Carbonas (2x) - I seriously almost like them more than the black lips. So sue me.
15. The Coathangers - Fun fun fun!
16. Took out 16 since I couldn't remember much from their show. I had fun but....
17. Magnolia Electric Company - Amazing band. Also, Jason Molina is a super nice guy!
18. Bob Dylan (2x) - First show I chose to see as an adult. I cried. No joke.
19. No Doubt - I've always been a No Doubt fan & their show was seriously fucking fun.
20. The Decemberists (2x) - Great performers. The live show is a joy to watch. They play great music AND put on an entertaining show. Win/Win.
21. Violent Femmes - Rocked my face off.
22. The Grates (6x) - Another super fun band. One of the few to actually get me to dance.
23. The Cannonball Legacy Band - The second (and last) show that's had me in tears. Such amazing musicianship. I'm honored to have been in the same room with them.
24. Garbage - I saw them with No Doubt. Shirley is one awesome front woman!
25. Eric Clapton - I saw this show at the height of my Eric Clapton phase. Definitely a good time. Much prefer him live to on record as far as recent stuff goes.
26. Quasi - AMAZING. Janet Weiss will win a drum-off against ANYONE. Go see them!
27. Stereo Total - FUN!
28. Mary Weiss - She was so cute & obviously enjoying playing for people. I really enjoyed her set!
29. Reigning Sound - So glad I got to see them. Such a great band!
30. Jay Reatard - The crowd had some assholes in it but I enjoyed their set despite them. Very glad I got to see him once before he passed.
31. Langhorne Slim (2x) - Love his voice & guitar playing.
32. The New Pornographers - Was lucky enough to see them with Neko Case & Dan Bejar in attendance. Amazing pop music & wonderful harmonies! This would have to be on my list of favorite shows.
33. Thee Oh Sees - I saw them at a house party in Austin during sxsw. I almost died from happiness. SO GOOD.
34. You Am I (2x) - I never thought I'd get to see them since they don't tour the US much. I was definitely glad to get to see them!
35. Gore Gore Girls - Fun show. Such attitude!
36. Holy Fuck! - Normally not in to this type of music, but I really enjoyed their set.
37. Carolyn Mark - Such a beautiful voice & hilarious lyrics. "You're not a whore if nobody's paying" indeed!
38. The Watson Twins (3x) - They have beautiful voices and I love their harmonies. Can't really beat sibling harmonies!
39. Buzzcocks - I don't really listen to their records much, but their show was intense. They know what they're doing! haha
40. Okmoniks - So fucking much fun it just isn't right.
41. The Hard Lessons (3-4x) - Good old fashioned ROCK. Great performers and nice, kind people. <3
42. The Dirtbombs - Floored me. I was not prepared for the amazing-ness.
43. Headlights (2x) - Gorgeous indie-pop. I'm a sucker for great harmonies.
44. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - So amazing. Fuck!
45. Levon Helm - He was in The Band. Do I need to say anything more??

Oklahoma bands:

1. Wanda Jackson - She is too fricking cute, and she can still bring it despite being up there in years. Long live rockabilly!
2. The Flaming Lips - Best live show on earth? I dunno if I'd agree with that, but you will be entertained while you're there. Fun times.
3. El Paso Hot Button - Awesomely awesome one man band that I've been lucky enough to see dozens of times. I've never tired of the show.
4. Student Film - Great musicians, great songs. I also enjoy seeing Sethy's glasses fly off his head when he's playing bass.
5. The Separation - Fun pop rock with accordion, banjo, & clarinet, in addition to the traditional rock instrumentation. Great lyrics too.
6. Subatomic Pieces - Great band. Miss them a lot.
7. Dorian Small - Wish they'd play again. Wonderful songs. Reminds me of the weirder Beatles stuff.
8. The Hex - Maybe one of the best shows I've been to. They'd definitely rate with the national and international acts I've seen.
9. The Grammarians - Almost the same lineup as Hex, but not quite as good. Still enjoyed it a lot, but something was missing.
10. The Toothman - Fucking blew me away. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I got.
11. 40 Minutes of Hell - In your face rock. Really great performers. Another band that I miss.
12. Rainbows Are Free - Front man from 40MOH's new band. Same type of thing. Still good, but I prefer the former band.
13. Penny Hill - Beautiful alt-country stuff. Wish they'd put out a record. And play more shows.
14. Evangelicals - I liiiiike them, but I don't love them. Most people around here really like 'em. Maybe I haven't given them enough of a chance.
15. Ryan Lindsey - Basic indie pop rock. Really good voice and some interesting lyrics. I'd like to see more of his shows.
16. Kunek (Other Lives) - I wish I liked them more. I can tell they're talented & they put a lot into performing but they don't move me as much as other bands have.
17. Colourmusic - These guys put on one hell of a show. Go see them!
18. Pretty Black Chains - One of my favorite newish local bands. I think the 1st time I saw them I almost had to pick my jaw up off the floor. They play rock music & put everything they have into it. I've seen them a few times now and they just get better and better. About a billion times better live than on record.
19. The Stock Market Crash - They knew how to put on a show. Tons of talent, charisma, stage presence, what have you. I had a great time every single time I saw them.
20. The Oh Johnny! Girls - Rockabilly hotness!
21. Mike Hosty - Another one man band. His song 'fraidy hole is hilarious. At least it is if you're from tornado country.
22. Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers - More alt-country stuff. Samantha Crain kinda sounds like she's chewing her words like Jolie Holland, & in a good way just like JH.

I've seen the locals dozens of times for the most part. Wanda Jackson only thrice & Flaming Lips only once. These listed are the great ones. I've definitely seen some local bands that really were pretty terrible. Eeek.

As you can see, I have a hard time being content with just seeing a band once. More bands need to come to Oklahoma. I will go see you, damn it!

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 10:33 PM

lolz I forgot to list the Raconteurs...

oh yes, and that is quite a list^^!

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 01:41 AM

Too old, too many to list. Some standouts, in no particular order (many of whom I've seen multiple times): Stones, Zeppelin, Bowie, Dylan, Faces, T. Rex, Airplane, Canned Heat, Fairport, Bob Marley, Talking Heads, Springsteen, Tinariwen, Jeff Beck, the Band, Ray Charles, Clapton, Yardbirds, Clapton/Winwood, Traffic, Plant and Strange Sensation/other bands, Sonny Terry/Brownie McGee, Crooked Vultures, Ike & Tina Turner, Run DMZ, Black Keys, Sons of Albion, Quintessence, King Crimson . . . Plus White Stripes and Dead Weather, though sadly not Raconteurs.

I think my favorites have been the WS and DW, plus Zeppelin (including the reunion gig), Faces, Stones, Dylan, Marley, Black Keys.

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#27 gothic flavor

gothic flavor

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Posted 07 February 2010 - 11:37 AM

I just remembered one particularly great live music experience. It was Prodigy in 1996. It was fucking mind-altering just pure awesomeness. I wish i could re-live it.

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Posted 07 February 2010 - 01:47 PM

Some of the best performances we've seen have come from openers. We found Delta Spirit opening for Nada Surf last year and they blew us away. Then they did a stint opening for the Shins. Now they are headlining - their East Coast tour is completely sold out. But try to catch them whenever you can!

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 02:34 PM

This is not including local or underground shows, as there are far too many of those to count. Opening band(s) in italics:

1. Bob Dylan - November 12, 2000 - URI Keaney Gym, Kingston, RI (not bad for a 9-year-old's first concert!)
2. Bob Dylan - November 20, 2002 - URI Ryan Center, Kingston, RI
3. Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band - July 31, 2003 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT (got in for free!)
4. Incubus (Sparta) - July 2, 2004 - Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI
5. Bob Dylan - November 17, 2004 - URI Ryan Center, Kingston, RI
6. Alison Krauss & Union Station - April 16, 2005 - URI Ryan Center, Kingston, RI
7. Green Day (Against Me!, Jimmy Eat World) - September 3, 2005 - Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA (this might get me killed, but they're a guilty pleasure, I can't help it)
8. The White Stripes (The Greenhornes) - September 19, 2005 - Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI
9. Beatlemania! Live - February 17, 2006 - Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI
10. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Trey Anastasio) - June 21, 2006 - Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
11. Peter Frampton (Greg Hodde) - July 2, 2006 - Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI (got Frampton to walk off stage for 10 minutes to rebel against security guards. It was awesome)
12. Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band - July 16, 2006 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
13. Bob Dylan (Elana James & The Continental Two, Junior Brown, Jimmie Vaughan) - August 24, 2006 - McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket, RI
14. Beatlemania Now - September 9, 2006 - South Kingstown High School Auditorium, Wakefield, RI
15. The Raconteurs (Dr. Dog) - September 28, 2006 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
16. The Strokes (The Strokes) - October 9, 2006 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
17. Wolfmother (Die! Die! Die!) - April 29, 2007 - Avalon Theater, Boston, MA
18. Bob Dylan (Jimmie Vaughan) - June 27, 2007 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
19. Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake (Against All Authority, Streetlight Manifesto) - July 11, 2007 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
20. The White Stripes (Dan Sartain) - July 25, 2007 - Chevrolet Theater, Wallingford, CT
21. Bob Dylan (Amos Lee, Elvis Costello - September 29, 2007 - URI Ryan Center, Kingston, RI
22. Experience Hendrix - October 21, 2007 - Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI
23. The Raconteurs (Black Lips) - June 3, 2008 - Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA
24. Eric Clapton (Robert Randolph & The Family Band - June 4, 2008 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
25. R.E.M. (The National, Modest Mouse) - June 13, 2008 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
26. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Steve Winwood) - June 14, 2008 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
27. Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band - June 22, 2008 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
28. Stephen Lynch - June 28, 2008 - Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI
29. Against Me! (Future of the Left, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists) - October 12, 2008 - Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA
30. Stephen Lynch - December 4, 2008 - URI Ryan Center, Kingston, RI
31. Deer Tick (The Low Anthem, Elvis Perkins in Dearland) - April 24, 2009 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
32. The Dead Weather (Screaming Females) - July 18, 2009 - House of Blues, Boston, MA
33. Bob Dylan (The Wiyos, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp) - July 21, 2009 - McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket, RI
34. Incubus (The Duke Spirit) - August 2, 2009 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
35. Eagles of Death Metal (Rival Schools) - August 5, 2009 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
36. Paul McCartney (MGMT) - August 6, 2009 - Fenway Park, Boston, MA (dude's 67 years old, plays a 3 hour show, sings all the songs in the original key. Amazing.)
37. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - August 19, 2009 - Comcast Theatre, Hartford, CT
38. The Allman Brothers Band (Widespread Panic) - August 30, 2009 - Comcast Theatre, Hartford, CT
39. Them Crooked Vultures (Mini Mansions) - October 11, 2009 - House of Blues, Boston, MA
40. Wolfmother (thenewno2, Heartless Bastards) - November 7, 2009 - House of Blues, Boston, MA
41. Dan Auerbach (Jessica Lea Mayfield, Justin Townes Earle) - November 9, 2009 - Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
42. Bob Dylan - November 13, 2009 - Wang Theatre, Boston, MA
43. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Alberta Cross) - December 27, 2009 - Higher Ground Ballroom, South Burlington, VT
44. "1964" The Tribute - January 16, 2010 - Stadium Theatre, Woonsocket, RI
45. John Mayer (Michael Franti & Spearhead) - February 19, 2010 - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT (I promise you, this was for my girlfriend)
46. John Hiatt (Holly Williams - March 6, 2010 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI

I don't think this a bad track record so far for an 18-year old. The sad thing is, I could give you a setlist for any one of these shows, too...
As for upcoming concerts, seeing Wilco in a week from tomorrow, as well as Jeff Beck and Tom Petty again over the summer. Will be seeing the Dead Weather if they announce any New England dates, as well as Neil Young.

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 03:38 PM

Not many for me (a late starter):

The White Stripes x4
The Raconteurs x7 plus an in-store
The Dead Weather
Soledad Brothers
Cut In The Hill Gang
Bob Dylan
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
New Order
Queens Of The Stone Age

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 04:33 PM

Concerts Iíve been to:

The Rolling Stones
The Who (2x)
The Clash
Neil Young (4x)
Bob Dylan
David Bowie (2x)
Peter Gabriel
The White Stripes (4x)
The Black Keys
The Raconteurs (2x)
The Dead Weather (2x)
The Kills (2x)
The Tragically Hip (9x)
54-40 (3x)
Rush (2x)
Elton John
Leonard Cohen
Dire Straits
Roger Waters
Lucinda Williams
ZZ Top
John Fogerty
Mark Knopfler
Dave Mathews band
George Thorogood (2x)
Frank Zappa
Blue Rodeo (3x)
Black Mountain
Plants and Animals
Patrick Watson
Chad van Gaalen
Elliott Brood
Ted Nugent
Blue Oyster Cult
Mick Taylor
David Wilcox
Simon and Garfunkel
Cowboy Junkies
The Dead Kennedys
Toots and the Maytals
BB King
Buddy Guy
Johnny Winter
Corey Harris
James Cotton
Charlie Musselwhite
Honeyboy Edwards (2x)
Cedric Burnside & Lightnin Malcolm
Sonny Rhodes (2x)
Etta James
Tarbox Ramblers
The Greenhornes
Bruce Cockburn (4x)
Bryan Adams
Colin James (4x)
Roger Hodgson
Great Big Sea
Spirit of the West
Bedouin Soundclash
Michael Franti
Tegan and Sara
Xavier Rudd

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Posted 08 April 2010 - 10:29 AM


all these people i've seen more than once, no order

yeah yeah yeahs, white stripes, jay reatard, futureheads, dfa1979, qotsa, holy fuck, metric, islands, black lips, deadly snakes, king khan & bbq show, bbq solo, bruce springsteen, dan deacon, no age, broken social scene, the ponys, bob log III, heavy trash, girl talk, animal collective, the sadies, neko case, we are wolves, deerhunter, no bunny, red mass, teenanger, golden triangle and bloodshot bill

and these were just the once, no order

snoop dogg, beastie boys, phish, wilco, dutchess and the duke, sonics, del mccoury, the almighty defenders, japanther, GZA, devo, dinosaur jr, j mascis solo, hunx & his punx, box elders, bahamas, lullabye arkestra, AC/DC, okkervil river, terrible twos, quintron & miss pussycat, justice, mountain goats, nick cave and the bad seeds, silver jews, black mountain, king khan & his shrines, future islands, kid sister, cool kids, spice girls, feist, phoenix, k'naan' xiu xiu, sunset rubdown, arcade fire, monotonix, handsome furs, decemberists, andre ethier gnarls barkley, blue rodeo, bloc party, laura barrett, final fantasy, grizzly hear, bob dylan, foo fighters, daft punk, neil young, CSNY, the rapture, be your own pet, franz ferdinand, hot hot heat, raconteurs, strokes, eagles of death metal, flaming lips, tegan and sara, k-os, jon rae and the river, tangiers and wolfe parade

favourite is hard. some were more fun than others.. the black lips in detroit in 2008 was amazing. a lot of those were at festivals and such so that was fun. the white stripes put on some good shows. dan deacon probably puts on the best live show running right now. seeing neil young was just a treat. oh and who can forget bob fucking log! booooooob scotch!

yey shows.

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 11:32 AM

Ennio Morricone (3x)

John Carpenter

Roger Waters
Bob Dylan
Leonard Cohen
Cat Stevens
Clapton & Winwood
Robert Plant
The White Stripes
Rolling Stones
Metallica (2x)
ZZ Top
Sex Pistols
Motorhead (2x)
Guns N' Roses
The Cult
The Hives
Johnny Winter (2x)
Jeff Beck
Big Audio Dynamite

Queens of the Stone Age
The Cardigans
The Datsuns
Pro-Pain (3x)
Suicidal Tendencies
Bad Brains
Machine Head
Prodigy (2x)

Shane Macgowan

Ezra Furman

Marky Ramone (2x)
The Answer (2x)

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 11:55 AM

omg!! that avatar is fantastic. i thought there was a tiny bug on my screen and i pressed it and it crawled out beneath my finger. it was still alive!!! ahahahhaaaa!

#35 goodmorningspider



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Posted 27 July 2012 - 04:49 PM

R.E.M. (The National, Modest Mouse) - June 13, 2008 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA

that is an absolutely ridiculous line-up for one show. amazing.

and i'm jealous of everyone who's seen Talking Heads.

#36 TheHen0


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Posted 27 July 2012 - 09:19 PM

I've seen JEFF the brotherhood 6 times now I think. Awesome every time. Probably my favorite active band.
I've never been to any festivals, bit I've been to a few arena shows and I must say I prefer small shows, especially at Maxwells! (Anyone else go there?)
The Dead Weather at Prospect Park was another awesome one.
Also saw Bob Dylan the last of three night in a row at Terminal 5. He was a little worn out, and played a similar setlist to the previous two nights.
But then, when we all thought the show was about to end, he goes into "Watchtower".
He put all his energy into that one last song and it was amazing.
He hadn't played that at all during any recent dates if I remember correctly.

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 09:32 PM

Oh, and I saw some others putting up lists so:
Weird Al (I was 8...)
Foo Fighters
Green Day (Lame, I know)
BB King
Bruce Springsteen
The Dead Weather
Bob Dylan
Brendan Benson
The Greenhornes
Colbert w/ The Black Belles
Wanda Jackson
Weird Al (Free tickets... Still not a good excuse)
The Pixies
Fitz and the Tantrums
Ray Davies
JEFF the Brotherhood
The Kills w/ JEFF the Brotherhood
Black Keys
JEFF the brotherhood (as 5 piece)
Jack White
Jack White
JEFF the Brotherhood
JEFF the brotherhood
Roger Waters
JEFF the Brotherhood
Infinity Cat 10th Anniversary Party-Heavy Cream, Cy Barkley, more

So as you see, when I was younger, I went to all the typical concerts, but I've started to venture out more, and I go to as many all ages shows a I can.

Here are some shows I'm looking forward to this summer:
The Kills (FREE)
Wanda Jackson
Ty Segall
I think there's another one. Can't remember right now.
Hope my list doesn't seem wimpy.

#38 Maschine Man

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 11:46 PM

I want to get a list made. I will have to some thing later on. The best three:

Bjork: in NYC earlier this year. I'm a massive fan and saw her at a festival a few years ago, this one was better as it was a small in the round deal. I was only a arms reach and fist pumped with her during Hollow and Declare independence.

Peaches: super fun show. She played most of the songs off I Feel Cream.

Gorillaz: this was on my birthday in 2010. Super fun. Little Dragon opened and they are now a favorite band of mine.

St. Vincent, Jack White, Kills (in London), Arcade Fire, The Dead Weather, Sneaky Sound System, Eskimo Joe, Silverchair, Operator Please, Kate Nash, Grinspoon, Hilltop Hoods, Muse, Lilly Allen, Dizzee Rascal. Many of these people were at festivals. Also heard a Yeah Yeah Yeahs/calvin Harris concert from my apartment a while back.

I feel so bad, I haven't seen that many people, though I did live in nowhereville for many years and concerts are expensive here.

#39 thee radical eclectic

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 12:05 AM

wow... what an incredible thread... i really have had the honor and pleasure of seeing many bands in their seminal periods and also some of the most interesting bands at the peak of their careers... i may have to hand my hat to Helen on this one but i can barely begin to compile an accurate list of all the bands that i have seen given how young i was when i first started the list and also due to how many shows i have been privy to with no recollection of their presence given my work in the industry for many many moons

partial list with most memorable artists

Bill Monroe and nearly every single major Bluegrass Artist from the 1970's until now
Johnny Thunders, Johnny Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, George Clinton & Parliment
Sex Pistols, Ramones, Glen Danzig & Misfits, Clash, Richard Hell, Circle X. Killing Joke
Cramps, PIL, MDC, DRI, Didjits, Sonic Youth, Flat Duo Jets & Dex Romweber Duo
Slint, Fugazi, Ignition, Nation of Ulysses, L7, Bikini Kill, Primus, Butthole Surfers, Siouxie & Banshees
Violent Femmes, Janes Addiction, RATM, 311, Dirty 3, Damien Marley, Steel Pulse
Alison Mosshart with Discount, Dead Weather, Gang of Four, Marilyn Manson, NIN, Antitem
Firehose/Mike Watt, Public Enemy, RHCP, Cowboy Junkies, Adrien Ballou & Bears
Circle Jerks, Fleshtones, Replacements, Prince, Hasil Adkins and the Stranglers

there are more but for now i think that is a top name feature list that outlines who i listen to every now and again

note to the devious minded...i have slept with none of these bands/members just in case you got it twisted & think it might have been like that

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 08:15 AM

Too old, too many to list. Some standouts, in no particular order

:lol: !!! I hear you. I've got standouts as well and I thank God every day that I can still remember being at the shows. And not due to age, but due to the times. The 70's were a wild ride for me :mellow: .

1976 Patti Smith, this I remember because she was my very 1st punk show.

1970something......... Muddy Waters and James Cotton, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck... those for me were the standouts.

REM I thought to be really good and then all of the fine bands that I've come across from being on board here.

omg!! that avatar is fantastic. i thought there was a tiny bug on my screen and i pressed it and it crawled out beneath my finger. it was still alive!!! ahahahhaaaa!

:lol: !! I freaked when I saw it.

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