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4.18 Have they been on any talk shows or tv?

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Posted 06 January 2005 - 09:11 PM

nope never...oh wait yea they have...alot!

These days their faces can be seen on pretty much any channel…with all the hoopla surround the Stripes now, Mtv and VH1 can be seen showing a small clip or segment on the band. Even 60 Minutes had a brief glimpse of ol' John Gillis during a Cold Mountain segment. As far as more traditional appearances; they have had one appearance of the David Letterman show and the Craig Kilborn show here in America. On Kilborn, they performed "Screwdriver" with "Your Southern Can is Mine" thrown in the middle. On Letterman, they performed "Fell in Love with a Girl". A great video from the David Letterman show can be found at www.whitestripes.net . Also, our favorite duo also appeared on the 2002 MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Mr.White's arch-nemesis Jack Black (Mr.White's arch-nemesis) from Tenacious D. They performed a medley of "Fell In Love With A Girl", "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground", and a snippet of "I Think I Smell a Rat." There have been other spottings on local Detroit stations and an independent Detroit Rock Movie as well. As well as the UK, where people actually pay attention to good music - here's some of the highlights: Later with Jools Holland had our duo playing Hotel Yorba, FILWAG and Let's Hake Hands, The Jo Whiley Show featured Death Letter and I Think I Smell A Rat and finally the two appearances on the Top of The Pops had Jack ang Meg playing Hotel Yorba and Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. They've appeared on Saturday Night live and performed Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground and We're Going To Be Friends. A more interesting appearance had to be on Pop Up Video where they had Fell In Love With A Girl on. I haven't seen this so I can't really provide any info but I'm sure it was interesting. And another late addition (sorry to jump around a lot) - but they did a week long stint on the Conan O'Brien show (04/22 through 04/25) - performing: Seven Nation Army, Jolene, Hardest Button to Button, and a medley of Let's Build a Home w/ Goin' Back To Memphis and John the Revelator.

On The Grammy's:
Jack: "The Grammy's were strange, because it's in front of so many people. It's not our crowd, and so you wonder just how you're going to be viewed and the reception you're going to get. But it was pretty amazing. I mean; I just think it's amazing that a band like ours could get to the point where people even know about us. It's like a nice pat on the back from every-body. But the whole thing was kind of shocking. You think, Wow, I assumed no even knew who we "

WHITE ...because we don't want to sell ourselves in that sense. It's not about celebrity, not for us. It's not like[adopting snooty voice], "We went to the Grammy's the other day." But we got nominated for awards, and it's polite to present yourself. And when we were walking down the red carpet, I felt like, We don't belong. We just don't belong, and I don't feel right there. I mean, I don't know what to do right now. We're just being who we are. And then, you know, I come home from the Grammy's and someone says, "So-and-so said you were the worst-dressed one there," and "So-and-so said you're ugly." And it's like...I'm ugly! In the last three days I've heard a bunch of people saying I'm ugly and horribly dressed. It's like, wow, I was just there to play guitar. [laughs]

WHITE Exactly. Most people are looking in on us and not liking it. It's like people saying when we performed, "The amp was just too much or too loud. I don't know what was going on with that' And I think, Well, you're looking in on us now, you know? We're not doing this for your pleasure to try to make
everyone in the living room feel good right now It's just a couple of minutes of this band.

On their appearance at the MTV Music Awards
J: I don't know everyone thought that was really the most oddest thing, I thought it was funny at the time, it seemed sort of like they had gone to all this trouble and spent so much money on this elaborate set up, for this little band that we had, that was funny to me and I didn't, people seem to think it was such a weird mixed reaction from everybody, I just thought it was funny, when I watched it when we, well I don't know it took along time for me to see it I thought there was really a good guitar tone but everything around it was just insane.

This by all means is not a completed list of appearances. I have almost given up on keeping a completely updated list of these. I've tried to concentrate on the big ones but if you know of any others...just drop us a line. I did hear that they were mentioned on a pay for the live feed thing for Big Brother 4 but I cannot confirm this.

Jack: "I mean, it's like if you're on television now, people go, 'Oh, they're selling out.' But the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were on TV all the time, on The Ed Sullivan Show, no less, and it was cool."

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