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Rules / Guidelines

Welcome to the Little Room Messageboard!

Forum Rules:
  • Spamming in any way is not allowed. If you are caught spamming your post will be deleted and your account banned.
  • Do not type in all CAPS. This is considered yelling.
  • Excessive "drooling" posts are not welcome here, they offer little in the way of contributing positively to this forum. This is a White Stripes message board, not a fantasy website. Posts that cross the line in taste and common sense will be removed, threads that veer into mindless drooling territory will be locked. Please make an effort into making this message board a place of substance. Posters who exhibit poor taste and judgment in this area will be warned. Failure to comply will result in banning.
  • Selling on ANY forum is prohibited.
  • Do not post links to copyrighted music / mp3s. This applies to all music, not just the White Stripes. Also, more specifically, do not post links to the unauthorized documentary "No One Knows How To Talk To Children"
  • Your signature must be of a reasonable size. If your signature is to large it will be edited out by myself or a moderator. Try to keep within these limits: 150x500 pixels. An Example:
    Posted Image
  • Posts which contain material which may discriminate against certain individuals are not allowed.
  • Posts which contain links to or materials such as pornography and any other offensive material are not allowed.
  • Fanfic threads or posts are not allowed.
  • Use correct grammar. Using Internet Speak is not allowed (ex. 2 for Too, b for Be, etc)
  • Keep the board clutter free. Post in the correct forum and do not cross post.
  • Abuse of Admin/Moderators will not be tolerated.
  • Admin/Moderator Decisions are not to be discussed on the board. If you have a complaint or question about a decision please PM me or a Moderator. Offending posts/topics may be deleted.
  • Do not post personal information about the band. Any “gossip” related threads will be deleted.
  • Do not create multiple user names. If you are found out to have more than one username one of them will be deleted and your main account may be suspended or banned.
  • Do not use the messageboard as a chatroom. There is a personal message feature for a reason.
  • Do not post simply to pad your post count. Quality over quantity.
  • Keep threads on topic. Threads that have no point or veer off topic can be edited or deleted.
  • Do not devote a thread to a member of the messageboard. Those always seem to go sour. Happy birthday threads are fine.
  • Posts containing links to eBay auctions will be reviewed and can be removed at our discretion.
  • Threads strictly created to post pictures are not permitted on this board as they unfortunately veer into the "drooling" territory.
Random Notes:
[*]If you wish to change your username, please do not create another account. PM me with your new username choice and I will make the change for you. The only part of your account that will change is your name. All your stats will remain the same

We reserve the right to ban anyone found breaking these rules excessively.
Rules are in place to make sure everyone can enjoy their time. So please respect them.

(updated on 09.01.05)
(updated on 08.11.13)