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December 8, 2019- KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

08 December 2019 - 04:43 PM

This show is being livestreamed tonight.  Racs are on at 8:00pm California time--  https://kroq.radio.c...as-2019-webcast



TMR to issue Brendan Benson's One Mississippi on vinyl

26 November 2019 - 01:42 PM

Brendan Benson is excited to announce the reissue of his seminal debut album One Mississippi, due December 6. Twenty-three years after its initial release, the Third Man Records reissue of One Mississippi is the FIRST-EVER vinyl pressing of this now-classic album. The deluxe version of the reissue will be available on clear vinyl, and the standard version will be available on black vinyl. The latter is now available for pre-order.

"It’s been a long time coming!" Benson said. "My first album, One Mississippi is finally available on vinyl! Thank you to the miracle workers at Third Man Records for making it so!"

The reissue follows a banner year for Benson, one that saw his songs rise to #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with The Raconteurs' long-awaited new album

Help Us Stranger, as well as performances on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel Live and a performance and interview on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Benson is currently working on a new solo LP -- stay tuned for more details.

Years before “Detroit” was the first word on the lips of taste-fakers, hype-stokers, scene-stealers and fame-lords the world over, Brendan Benson’s sheep-in-wolves’ clothing debut album One Mississippi was the unassuming first shot fired from the city and players that would soon become feted beyond their wildest imagination.
From the gallant album-opener “Tea” (a song which particularly resonated with Japanese fans, of whom hundreds excitedly sent him fan mail containing tea bags) through the propulsive swell of “Sittin’ Pretty” and the undeniable “hit” of “Crosseyed” to the quirky “Insects Rule” (which was jammed on live by Foo Fighters?!?!?)… Benson’s craft is fully on display here. With half the songs here co-written by the estimable Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck), the end result is an unabashed pop album, accentuated by Brendan’s brilliant turn of phrase and preternatural ear for a melody. The album also stands out as the first full-length project helmed by venerated super-producer Ethan Johns (Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon) with One Mississippi serving as a unifying point in the careers of Johns, Benson, and Falkner that found them all mutually ascendant.

Follow the link for a picture of the pretty vinyl...  Available for pre-order now:   https://thirdmanreco...ippi-december-6

November 15, 2019: Popload Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil

18 November 2019 - 07:19 PM

Surprise, surprise, this show was livestreamed!  Fortunately, someone was able to snag it for those of us who didn't know in time--


November 13, 2019: Teatro Coliseo, Santiago, Chile

13 November 2019 - 09:53 PM

Well, the band made it.




Hope Nogard is there and having a terrific time!

Vault 43: Raconteurs Live in Tulsa

08 November 2019 - 02:56 PM


A more-fitting sentiment we cannot conjure and is the perfect stage banter quote from Jack White to introduce the triple-LP live recording culling the best of the best from the Raconteurs recent three night stand at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma from October 2019.

As the Raconteurs are allegedly the first band to ever sell out three consecutive shows at Cain’s Ballroom, it was only fitting to mark the occasion by recording each night, culling only the best of each of those performances, and fusing them together for a career-spanning, masterwork of an album.

Highlighting recent entries in their catalog like the infectious “Help Me Stranger” and the whirling “Bored and Razed” while paying deference to momentous sing-alongs like “Carolina Drama” and “Steady, As She Goes” to absolutely mind-bending, room-levitating blues expression via “Blue Veins” and even then you’re only just scratching the surface.

Captured at the pinnacle of the band’s touring behind their chart topping album Help Us Stranger, the electrifying live performances place a raw, unbound energy behind the entire breadth of the band’s catalog, including gems from their 2008 LP Consolers of the Lonely and their 2006 debut Broken Boy Soldiers.

Housed in a magnificent tri-fold jacket and appropriating the Matthew Jacobson-designed artwork which highlights the Art Deco frieze of the Tulsa Fire Alarm building (which was used for the three Cain’s concert posters) and pressed on vibrant copper, green and black colored vinyl…the whole shebang is truly something to behold.

The fitting companion piece to this explosive 3xLP is the intimate performance of Raconteurs’ dual frontmen Brendan Benson and Jack White performing as a duo on July 9th 2019.

Shot at Third Man Records Cass Corridor storefront on White’s 44th birthday, the jam-packed room still only fitting 300 attendees, Brendan and Jack laid out sparse, explorative takes on not only Raconteurs songs, but other classics from their expansive back catalogs. Performances of Raconteurs faves like “Only Child” and “Now That You’re Gone” sound unlike any other version before or since, while the vibe propelling songs like the White Stripes “Sugar Never Tasted So Good” or Benson’s “Metarie” are reminiscent of times back when these two guys would just goof around in Detroit dive bars while a handful of uninterested patrons pretended to not be bothered by their racket.

About that…as a bonus to the mutli-camera, HD, Blu-Ray, 4k, 16-channel audio with super crystal clear capture of the above-mentioned performance, it felt fitting to tack on the ultra lo-fi, camcorder and condenser microphone capture of the first-ever performance of Jack White and Brendan Benson together. Playing for free at the Garden Bowl Lounge in Detroit on March 14th, 1999, the gig shows the two as if without a care in the world, having a blast and rolling through songs of which only TWO had been released by that point. An intimate, charming artifact of a simpler time.

And for the record, Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” was performed at BOTH of these shows, twenty years apart but no less magnificent.

For something a little bit different, we are offering a MYSTERY Raconteurs flexi-disc as our bonus item in this package. Let the speculation begin!

The Raconteurs Live at Cain’s Ballroom 3xLP setlist includes…

Bored and Razed

Blue Veins

Consoler of the Lonely

Help Me Stranger

Only Child

Sunday Driver

Now That You’re Gone

Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)

Broken Boy Soldier

Carolina Drama

Thoughts and Prayers

Steady, As She Goes

and more!

Brendan Benson and Jack White Live at Third Man Records Cass Corridor July 9th, 2019 setlist:

Fearless (Pink Floyd)

Sugar Never Tasted So Good (The White Stripes)

Metarie (Brendan Benson)

Only Child (The Raconteurs)

Lucille (Little Richard)

Love Interruption (Jack White)

Now That You’re Gone (The Raconteurs)

Shine The Light on Me (The Raconteurs)

As Ugly As I Seem (The White Stripes)

Together (The Raconteurs)

We’re Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes)

Help Me Stranger (The Raconteurs)

Brendan Benson and Jack White Live at the Garden Bowl Lounge March 14, 1999 setlist:

I Fought Piranhas (The White Stripes)

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes)

Crosseyed (Brendan Benson)

Who’s to Say (Blanche)

You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket (The White Stripes)

The Same Boy You’ve Always Known (The White Stripes)

Do (The White Stripes)

Good to Me (Brendan Benson)

Sugar Never Tasted So Good (The White Stripes)

Fearless (Pink Floyd)

Suzy Lee (The White Stripes)

Candy Cane Children (The White Stripes)

The Raconteurs MYSTERY FLEXI-DISC tracklist:





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