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Making a Murderer

03 January 2016 - 07:04 PM

A lot of us have been discussing/posting links about it on Facebook, so I thought I'd bring the conversation back here. Let's use this space to discuss the show, share wild theories, and post any upcoming real time developments that may arise.


My theory: Bobby, the older Dassey brother and Scott Tadych, Steven Avery's brother-in-law, are responsible. 

This thread really convinced me because I found out about the latter's history of violence/sexual assault: https://www.reddit.c...ys_involvement/


I also though the roommate, ex-boyfriend, and brother seemed strange and untrustworthy. That suggests they could have been involved the murder, or (more likely), involved in the questionable searches. For what it's worth, the ex-boyfriend and brother knew Bobby Dassey from high school. 


At the very least, it seems clear that Brendan had 0 involvement.

All Things Hannibal

27 July 2015 - 08:42 PM

We have spent quite a bit of time discussing Silence of the Lambs in the BBC top 100 Films thread and I thought maybe we could talk about all of the Hannibal books, films, and the tv show here. I really love all of it, especially the show, which is why it's so frustrating that NBC has botched the marketing for it and cancelled it. Hoping it's picked up elsewhere.

Creative Nonfiction Thread

05 February 2014 - 10:28 PM

I guess I seem like the natural choice to start this thread, given my studies... we have a poetry thread and a short story thread, so I think it's time for a creative nonfiction thread, especially since this is often a "forgotten" genre in comparison to fiction and poetry.


I'm not sure if any of the rest of you write personal essays, but I do. I suppose I envision this thread as a place to share writing, writing prompts, book suggestions, queries about the genre, etc.


In the spirit of sharing, I'll post an exercise I completed for workshop. We were tasked with writing 2 flash pieces (fewer than 600 words each). Both pieces had to be on the same event or subject, but we were invited to consider the subject from a "timeless" perspective and a "timely" one. My approach for the timeless prompt was to write a traditional linear narrative. In the timely essay, I revisit the same weekend but am writing in reverse chronological order, in the present tense so I can really play with how time is constructed on the page. It's a risk (and not one that I'm sure is successful) but I'm glad I went there... I like this effort more than the Timeless counterpart.




We sat on sticky plastic booths inside the Arby’s across from Tom’s building. Not long ago, a man was shot 15
times and killed in the parking lot, he told me.  Nearby, the trains groan on the above-ground tracks, some splattered with graffiti, most moving at a seemingly sluggish pace. From Tom’s apartment windows, we liked to watch the trains pass, standing before his floor length windows, drinking wine.  He said the trains were passing through on the way to Cincinnati.  

“This is a major-major-MAJOR holiday!” one of the workers in the back of the restaurant said forcefully, clearly
upset that he had to work on Martin Luther King Day. Tom would have had to be at work as well, but he decided to take a day of vacation so he could spend the morning and early afternoon with me before I left. As we picked at chicken tenders and curly fries, Tom told me about his mother; he said that every time the family took a vacation she would try to pinpoint the “mountaintop” of the trip—the most impressive sight or experience, perhaps the most relished meal.  Looking down at my tray of food, I thought it was doubtful that I would ever meet her, but we had already begun to make plans for the next time we’d see one another, this time in my city.

“What was your favorite thing we did?” Tom asked me, but I didn’t answer, instead looking at the other diners
who were mostly shriveled old men. I realized that Tom and I were sporting nearly identical outfits; we were both wearing one of his grey cotton t-shirts, dark jeans. After a weekend together, had we begun to fuse with one another, the way that people eventually come to resemble the dogs they own?  The worker in the back had fallen quiet,
resigned to an important day spent leaning over a fryer.

We fucked one more time before I left. When it was over, he rolled over to face me, gently rubbing my arm. The
trains ambled past the window, glazed with dirty snow.

“That was really intense,” he said softly. I rose from the bed and began to gather my belongings that were spread
across the apartment, although I ultimately forgot my toothbrush.

“Yes, it was,” I finally said as I began dressing again in his clothes. “Mountaintop.”





Driving home, I count the things Tom gave me: his cigarette lighter with flaming eyeballs on it, three
cigarettes I don’t particularly want, and his gray t-shirt—which is soft against my skin, smelling of fried chicken, of sex, his soap. A red-tail hawk appraises the passing cars from the median, head cocked. I am in between radio
stations; I reach for a cigarette.


I was not supposed to stay Sunday night, but Tom asks me to, which surprises me. We walk down to the Oregon district, where tiny bistros share wall space with porn shops. Fetish mannequins wearing latex corsets, crotchless knickers starevacuously at us. I laugh and say that their outfits look flammable. Inside, average looking men pay a quarter to jerk off in a private booth. We talk aboutgoing inside, but don’t. Instead, we walk home, dodging patches of ice. Outside of the Goodwill we pass, a pile of free books sit in a box. I pick up a handful. They are terrible romance novels. As we walk back to Tom’s apartment, I read him passages from Winter Love.



We are not tender people, and yet Tom snaps my photo when we are at dinner on Saturday night. I think he does

this mostly because I am holding a martini, because the band in the lounge isplaying Al Green, and because we turn to one another, mostly because it is convenient, familiar. But tonight, he looks at me intently, and he asks me to
pick the wine. I deem the photograph unflattering, but he keeps it.


It takes two hours more than it should have, but once I am in town, we go out. It has taken two years, but finally Tom is buying me dinner. After we eat, we go the Century Bar. In the elevator on the way down, Tom’s neighbor invites himself along. He is drunk enough that he is amusing, but not so drunk that we will turn down his offer of buying us our drinks. Inside the bar, I try to fish the cherry from my drink. Tom’s neighbor manages to insult a handful of patrons in a few minutes. As we watch the neighbor make several flustered attempts to apologize, Tom places his hand in my pocket to stroke the fingers that are warming there. When Tom goes outside to smoke, his neighbor sits down across from me. He keeps calling me Enrique Iglesias because he can’t remember my name.

“Look,” he tells me, “you’ve got a good thing going here.” He jerks his head towards the door Tom just passed
through. “Don’t mess it up.” I say that I’ll try not to.



It always seems that when I drive to see a man I become lost.

RuPaul's Drag Race

24 April 2013 - 11:07 AM


Parks and Recreation

22 January 2013 - 03:30 PM

if there is a thread, i'm way too lazy to search for it. but anyway, last spring I watched season 1 and like a ton of other people, was really underwhelmed, despite hearing from everyone that it got 'way better.'


in my post surgery haze, twin peaks, breaking bad, and the like were proving too twisted for me to handle on maximum strength painkillers, so i turned to comedies for the first time in a while, and wound up picking up where i left off, and realized what a big mistake i'd made in not making it past the first season. and i devoured the show and am now entirely caught up.


but anyway, there's not much more for ME to say... i'm pretty sure a lot of us watch it, so we could use this thread to chat after the new episodes. but yeah it's gotten SO good, and i feel like this is what i was SUPPOSED to feel about the office and never did... i wish i had been able to visit e720 before it closed :'(


i want to meet jean-ralphio


also, i totally got choked up during Halloween Surprise. and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


and i want to know more about the strange, alluring creature that is donna meagle.